Where We’re From, the Birds Sing a Pretty Song and There’s Always Music in the Air

Ingvild Eiring talks about “Where We’re From, the Birds Sing a Pretty Song – and There Is Always Music in the Air”


Twin Peaks

The 1990 television series by David Lynch is one of the things that have inspired me the most in my life. The diorama is an homage to this iconic show, a miniature replica of one of the scenes taking place in The Black Lodge, an extra-dimensional place which seems to include, primarily, the “Red Room”

The Mouse From Another Place

This was the most important, and also the most difficult character.

A short, grown-up mouse, dancing.

Wetplate by Julie Loen

I gave him big hands, and long arms. I studied a lot of You-tube-clips and images from Twin Peaks to nail the movements of his dance in one single pose. It had to be unmistakably The Man From Another Place, but a mouse.


Laura Palmer

I wanted to make her very beautiful and feminine, giving an extra touch to her eyes, and a yellowish tone, to indicate her blonde hair in the series. For a while I was even considering making her a wig, long blond hair.

Venus de Medici

The Venus de’Medici, or Medici Venus, is a Hellenistic marble sculpture depicting the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. It is one of the few props in the Red Room, and I wanted to find a look for it that worked in this universe.  I tried a few different versions, before landing on this one with a mouse head and a human body.  I sculpted it in polymer clay, painted it, then stained, polished, added an egg oil temoera mix and polished again, to get a marble-like look.

The Chairs

The room needed no less than three big chairs. I made the base from Polymer clay, and covered them with velvet.

Wetplate by Julie Loen

Making the floor

I had a hard time finding the perfect colored cardboard here in Oslo. Stopping by a small art-shop when I was in Venice, Italy, was my lucky day, they had what I was looking for.

The Table

When nothing else works, I can always sculpt anything. But. For the metal rig on the table, sculpting did not work. I couldn’t make it thin enough to really look like metal. So by accident, I found the perfect dimension metal string inside a handbag, that was slightly bendable if I used a tool. So I could bend it until it looked right.

The Owls Are Not Always What They Seem