Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mouse

This special edition diorama that I created the winter 2019, is an homage to the Norwegian artist and painter Lars Elling.  It is a miniature scale replica of his studio in Oslo.

Ingvild Eiring talking about “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mouse”.



The chandelier

This is the first time I incorporated electric light in my work.

Creating a chandelier like the one in his studio, was perhaps the biggest challenge when creating this scene. It took me months to find the right way to do it.

It is made from wire, old glass pearls, and some crystal beads.



The leather coat


The trolley


It was great fun to make the tiny tubes of paint and the little bottles, boxes and jars.

Mostly made from polymer clay and wood.

I made the trolley itself from balsawood, polymer clay.

The foldingboard


This is the first time I have done lino-print. It was fun to do, and definitely a technique I will be using again in my work.

I printed with two different colours, then hand-painted the details with a small brush.

The chair

The painting


The original painting 


Lars Elling: The comfort of strangers.

The artist as a young mouse

A studio inside a studio