Fetch Him Back! Let Him Not Go!

A séance or seance (/ˈs.ɑːns/) is an attempt to communicate with spirits.



Wetplate by Julie Loen

My first diorama was finished in 2015.  After years of experimenting, I finally found the look I wanted. The scene was a gathering of mice performing a seance.

Taking inspiration from the film The Changeling,1980, I decided, after first having tried with a Ouija-board, to give them a Spirit Trumpet as their tool to communicate with ghosts.

Victorian spirit trumpets

The Changeling, 1980

The first version. A cosy teaparty playing with a ouijaboard.

I turned it into a serious seance.

Photo by Aksel Jermstad

At the tailor

The fabrics I used for making the outfits were mainly cut from clothes after my grandparents.

A pair of striped suspenders make great trousers. Using vintage fabrics and lace is essential. The clothes need to have a history.

Creating miniature art is something I really enjoy

Drawing, painting in oil or watercolors… Then creating the frames, often using old belt buckles or pieces of jewelery


Wetplates by Julie Loen

A Tragedy in New York

Once upon a time this little mouse traveled with me to New York to meet my friends. One of their cats caught her, and we found the mouse later that night, in a very sad condition. Back in Norway, she went through polymer clay surgery and some arm and leg reconstruction. A visit to the tailor, and she could return to her seance.

The fireplace

When I started on my first diorama, I didn’t think I would ever be able to create all the things I would need. But as time has gone by, my skills have improved. I am now creating everything in the dioramas.

I have decided to keep the first ones mostly as they are and not change things too much, even if I could do better today.  I find it interesting to see the evolution of my work.

Except from two things, the fireplace, and the painting hanging over it. The fireplace I  bought in 2011 looked too fake, so I threw it out and sculpted this new one.


The new painting.  Eggoil tempera on canvas 10×10 cm.